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Craig seeks Tom's legal help with Johnny's custody but Dusty already hired him. Tom convinces Dusty to accept a compromise to prevent a drawn-out court battle.

After Dusty agrees, Craig finds Josie out with Johnny and greets the boy. While he argues with her about Dusty and custody, Johnny runs off.

As Craig runs off to look for the boy, Josie's forced to tell Dusty who is outraged the boy's in trouble again.

Up in Parker's room, Liberty pulls back from him kissing her neck and suggests that they've got to stick to dating so they don't get into anymore trouble.

But when he kisses her again, they become passionate but are caught by Jack before all of their clothes are removed.

As an embarrassed Liberty runs out, Parker denies to his father that they were going to have sex.

Jack insists that they are too young to be having sex.

Hearing about Craig's sudden marriage proposal, Lily sheepishly tells Carly that she might have given Craig the idea as a way to get some structure in his life.

Jack interrupts and updates her on catching Parker and Liberty together. He boasts that she and Janet were wrong to allow the teens to date but Carly counters that they really don't have much choice.

Parker catches up with a shaken Liberty who announces that they can no longer kiss, hug or have sex because she's tired of parents catching her in various stages of undress.

Parker spots Johnny alone and asks him what he's doing. When the two fail to spot an oncoming car, Craig pushes them out of harm's way.

Parker hits his head and is taken to the hospital. Dusty blames Craig for this and though he lashes out at Josie, he apologizes and then calls Tom to fight for full custody.

At the hospital, Jack reminds Craig he told him to stay away from Parker but Liberty points out Craig saved Parker's life.

Later, Carly thanks Craig. Liberty lies next to Parker as he recuperates in his room.

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