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When Craig boasts he's at the station house to celebrate his engagement, Margo laughs at the idea that a woman would marry him. She apologizes, stunned to hear his future bride is Carly.

As she warns him about tying the knot with her because of Jack, Craig advises her that once he does marry her, Jack will be out of her life for good.

Margo insists that Jack loves Janet but then agrees to be his Best Man. He invites her to Metro where he's going to announce their engagement.

Meanwhile, imagining the worst about as marriage with him, Carly panics and agrees with Lily that she can't marry him.

Denying that Brad deliberately went after Craig, Vienna points out to Katie that Brad's been defending Katie's honor and urges her to make up with him.

After Brad gets some advice of his own from Dusty, Katie and Brad work through their differences.

As Jack, Janet, and Lily join the others at Metro, Carly arrives and denies asking them to meet her.

Craig interrupts and announces his engagement to Carly.

Dusty brings Johnny and is disgusted to realize he was tricked into coming. As he tries to leave, Craig tries to stop him so Dusty punches him.

Margo arrests Dusty and takes him in while Carly and Craig take Johnny to her place. There, she blasts Craig for using her to get back at Dusty.

Admitting that's part of his thinking, he suggests that she accepted his marriage proposal to get back at Jack.

As he vows to prevent Craig from marrying Carly so he won't be seen as a "family man," Lily urges Dusty to calm down and apologize to his son.

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