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Katie convinces Craig that she's telling the truth about knowing where Johnny is. As Craig runs to the elevator, Dusty warns Katie that if the boy is hurt, it will be on her head.

Lulu is shocked to find Craig at her hotel room door.

He happily reunites with his son and, realizing how sick he is, insists that Johnny get to the hospital today for the bone marrow transplant.

As they wait for word about the procedure, Craig tries to convince Lucy that he's not the monster everyone claims he is.

Sensing his intense anger at his brother-in-law, Dusty presses Brad until he leaks that Craig blackmailed Katie into freeing him from the charges.

Dusty then checks on Katie and boasts that he knows what Craig forced her to do and now wants to see him behind bars. Craig overhears Lucy confirming to Dusty that she has the passports for them and Johnny.

Craig then calls Margo and asks her to arrest Lucy for kidnaping.

Brad brings flowers to Katie in her hospital room but she blasts him for telling Dusty her secret. Luke tries to explain to Brian why Noah threw a punch at him.

The two agree to put this behind them and remain friends. As they shake hands, the two quickly pull back when Lucinda enters the room. When Jade interrupts, she greets Lucinda and her "gay husband."

Luke and Brian try to cover but Lucinda insists on knowing what she meant by her words. After everyone else leaves, Brian privately admits to his wife that he's made a couple of passes at Luke.

Outraged when he explains that he kissed Luke and that he's had trouble understanding his sexuality, Lucinda kicks him out.

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