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Visiting Katie, Henry shows her his book "The Man from Oakdale" and wonders if she can convince Lucy to bring Johnny to his next signing.

While Craig calls Margo and insists that she arrest Lucy for kidnaping his son, Dusty orders Lucy to Metro to find Derrick who will hide her.

Craig interrupts Henry and Katie to thank her for allowing him to reunite with his son. Katie insists she did it for Johnny's sake.

Assigning Josie to stand guard over Johnny, Dusty rushes to the warehouse where he instructs Lucy. After Josie calls with an update, Dusty warns Lucy that she's got to leave town now or face being arrested.

She eventually agrees but only after he promises to make peace with Craig.

Margo and an officer search the warehouse for Lucy, unaware she's back at the hospital saying goodbye to the boy.

After Dusty sends her to the jet, Margo and Craig return and demand to know where Lucy is. Dusty tries to make peace but when Craig insists that Margo arrest them, Katie pleads with them to stop for Johnny's sake.

Carly's shaken when a banker explains that her loan for Metro is being called in.

When Jack and Janet stop by to talk about plans to get a second mortgage on the house so they can buy their own, Carly claims it's not possible and tells them about the Metro loan.

Janet accuses Carly of doing this on purpose because she took Jack away from her. Carly insists she needs the cash to save her club.

When he asks about taking care of the kids, Carly gives up and vows to get the money somewhere else.

At Metro, Carly asks Henry if she has any money he can loan her.

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