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Jack's upset to see Craig's offered her a big check to solve her bank loan problem. Carly offers to turn down the money if he'll give her half of the loan he's just arranged.

When he hesitates, she signs the document he brought and kicks him out. Craig stops by the diner and finds Janet's wrath on the menu.

She blasts him for giving Parker the keys to his car and points out he'd make lousy father. When she spots a customer choking, Craig jumps up and saves his life.

Eyeing Jack approaching, Craig offers to show Janet how to do the Heimlich maneuver. Jack finds him with his arms around Janet and orders an amused Craig to back off.

Parker seeks Liberty's help cleaning up Metro before they attend the movies. The two end up kissing until they hear someone arriving.

It's Craig who keeps their secret when Carly arrives.

While Barbara's visiting Paul, Josie takes her to Johnny's room where she is thrilled to be reunited with her grandson.

Barbara lashes out at Dusty for not telling her and later asks him how long he intends to make it his job to protect the boy.

After Johnny claims that Josie is not Jennifer, Paul's confused and escapes to Jennifer's grave. Josie finds him there and explains who she is and why he hired her.

As the truth sinks in, Paul emerges from his delusional state. Back at the hospital Paul boasts to Barbara that he's better and talks excitedly about having a second chance with children.

Dusty lets Josie know he's not happy she's spending time with Paul.

When she defends her actions and threatens to walk out of his life, Dusty lets Josie know that he likes her.

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