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Susan shows Emily the DNA test results she ran on Emily's eggs. Emily confronts Larry at the diner about what he supposedly found.

He plays dumb and acts shocked but she asks him to confirm he had nothing to do with this. Larry downplays her concern and insists he's just trying to help her have a baby.

She asks that he prove he's being honest with her but Larry plays hurt and walks out. As Hunter talks to Alison about how hard it is after his mother Aurora died, Casey interrupts and seeks time alone with her but she's not interested.

When he insists, Hunter asks him to back off and ends up getting attacked until Alison orders him to stop. Tired of her supporting Hunter, Casey ends things with Alison who later realizes Casey was upset because Margo was shot.

Emily questions Hunter about his paternity and later asks Larry if he knew Aurora Hunter. Meanwhile, unable to reconnect with Casey, Alison returns to Hunter and kisses him.

Meg tries to convince Damian that Dusty had nothing to do with the cut fuel line while Lily defends Damian to a suspicious Dusty.

Dusty then talks with her about doing business with JKR Communications and Luke's foundation. Caught snooping at Worldwide, Paul comes up with an Italian accent and tells the custodian that he's Damian.

He walks off with Dusty's laptop.

Later, Dusty and Lily are embarrassed to discover in front of their clients from Dayton that the laptop holding their presentation has disappeared.

Dusty and Lily confront Damian who claims he hasn't been at Worldwide's office in days. Unaware Paul has hidden the laptop there, Dusty insists on searching Damian's suite and finds the laptop there.

Damian again denies putting it there but Dusty vows war.

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