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Carly is embarrassed to hear her stomach was pumped after she drank too much. He thanks Craig for his support.

Rosanna pleads with Jack to get to the hospital to help her sister.

Janet complains about Carly's seemingly unending problems always interfering with their life but Jack insists he must get Carly the help she needs for the kids' sake.

But when Jack confronts Carly about her need for professional help, she denies it and won't listen.

Out in the hall, Craig suggests they're pushing her too much but Jack demands that they act now.

Instead, Carly convinces Craig to take her out of town and stay with her while she "gets better."

Finding a bottle of cooking wine in the cabinet where they are staying, Carly sends Craig to the grocery store so she can have a drink.

While he's gone, Carly steels herself to the bitter smell and drinks the entire bottle. Meanwhile, Janet warns Rosanna and Jack that Craig called to explain that he took Carly out of town.

Larry is thrilled to find Alison at his door but then suggests they look for him together when she worries about what happened to Hunter.

Convincing a depressed and bedridden Hunter to get out of bed, Emily takes him to meet with Susan who is shocked by the news that he is Emily's son.

As she tries to deny this could happen, Alison and Larry arrive. Susan's mouth opens even wider as Alison tells Hunter that Larry is not only her father but also his.

Realizing she's a grandmother again, Susan lashes out at Larry for having another affair. Larry offers to be a real father to Hunter who wants nothing to do with him.

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