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Vienna pulls off Geneva's wig to reveal Henry. He tries to explain things to Vienna. Instead, Vienna storms out as the press hounds Henry for answers.

Henry takes a moment to explain that he did this to try to bring some sanity to daytime TV. Kim ends the conference and gets Henry to confirm that this all started because of Vienna's wardrobe malfunction.

Brad is furious when he realizes that Katie knew who Geneva was.

She tries to explain but he walks out. Kim advises Henry that he committed fraud when he signed the contract with Geneva's name but he rerminds her that she pursued him to be on the show.

Furious when he claims he was defending women, Kim angrily warns Henry never to offer her help and to stay away from WOAK. Henry returns to Vienna but she wants nothing to do with him and kicks him out.

Jack boasts to Janet that he wants to take her up to a cabin at the lake so he can focus on her from now on. Rosanna is hesitant to accept a ride from Craig when she must go pick up Sage.

But when they arrive and Sage realizes Carly is not with them, she blames her mother's drinking on Craig and tries to run.

Rosanna calms her down as they explain that Carly went away without telling her in order to get help to stop drinking. At the cabin, Jack fumes when he gets a call about Sage and learns what happened.

He disappoints Janet when he decides they must go back home.

Explaining why she involved Craig, Rosanna assures Jack that she'll take care of Sage but he decides to take her to the farm to insure she's nowhere near Craig.

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