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Carly convinces Rosanna to accompany Craig on an errand re: the wedding flowers. She pours herself a quick drink after they leave.

She then pulls out a dress she bought earlier but then hides the evidence when her sister returns unexpectedly.

Holding the dress, Rosanna admits she's amazed that Carly made the sparkling dress in only two days. Carly gives her money to go buy her own dress but Rosanna insists that she accompany her.

While Carly waits outside and sneaks another drink, Rosanna shops and finds a copy of Carly's wedding dress at the store.

She shows it to Craig who insists that Carly wouldn't lie.

Rosanna then finds the hidden price tag and offers it as proof but Craig claims he doesn't care what she wears.

Rosanna wonders aloud why he keeps making excuses for her. Carly confirms she lied about the dress but is unfazed by her sister's concern for her.

While Carly is being romanced by Craig at the candle-lit club, Rosanna searches the house and finds Carly's hidden vodka bottles.

Boasting that he likes to pay his own way, Riley tells Tom and Margo that he's looking for a job and has been thinking about law enforcement.

Sending Tom out, Margo explains to her son while he can't be a cop.

Luke can't believe it when Casey reveals that his mother asked him not to tell Tom who Riley really is. Casey asks Luke to be the one.

After Luke mentions the photo of Riley from the VA doesn't look a thing like Riley, Tom confronts Margo who quickly guesses that Casey is behind this.

Tom admits he's arranged for a photo of Riley to be faxed to him and when he and Margo confirm it doesn't look like him, Riley interrupts and comes up with a reason behind the identity mismatch.

Later, Margo lashes out at Casey for his underhanded move and orders him to find a way to get along with Riley.

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