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Paul guesses to Rosanna that Meg is using him to try to hurt him. Bonnie tries to convince Dusty that Paul is long gone.

However, he wants to stay in town and find him and Eliza.

When Damian and Meg call, Bonnie explains that no one met them at the meeting place but mentions that Paul got his car fixed in that town.

Later, Edna overhears Bonnie vowing to bring Eliza back to Meg.

Edna tells Rosanna and Paul about a man named Dusty and Paul decides it's time to flee.

Rosanna stops him and instructs Edna to go lie to Dusty and Bonnie that she saw Paul and the baby driving to Sparta, Minnesota.

Bonnie wants to leave but Dusty thinks she's lying so she agrees to stay and investigate. Bonnie calls Meg with the good news that they were told Paul and Eliza are headed to Minnesota.

Edna reports back to Rosanna and Paul that everything is fine now.

Paul wonders why Rosanna is helping him. She claims she can still feel the "good" in him. Worried about Meg, Holden and Lily find her ill from what Damian thinks is the flu and in a terrible emotional state.

After Meg reports that Bonnie called, Lily hurries over to help Damian who is also under the weather.

She insists that he come home with her. There, Holden is outraged by her offer of help.

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