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Craig remarks to Carly that she didn't spill a drop of her vodka when she lashed out at him. She denies that she is drunk.

She decides to go see Jack but Craig won't let her drive.

After she falls and can't get up, Carly admits she has a problem.

He urges her to have faith she can beat this problem and sends her upstairs to sleep. Jack catches Parker outside the diner and learns that his son has quit school.

Surprisingly, Jack doesn't chastise him but asks him how he intends to make a living because he and Carly are not going to support him financially.

When Parker states that he'll use his trust fund money, Jack reminds him he can't touch it until he's 25 and then adds that he'll always be there for him.

Jack stops by to see Carly but Craig won't allow him to wake her which leads to an argument. Carly thanks Craig but later, opens another bottle.

Liberty tries to convince Parker to return to school and accuses him of trying to make everyone feel sorry for him.

Alison's not happy when Casey admits he planned for them to paint his mother's planters today. She reluctantly agrees but then calls Emily when she realizes she has her MP3 player.

Hunter offers to drop Alison's device off at the house and when he does so, he gets to spend time with Alison.

After Casey leaves to help Jade at the hospital, Hunter asks Alison if she would go on a date with him.

She points out that she's already dating Casey, a fact he didn't know. Before he leaves, Hunter spills paint on himself and claims it's proof he's a loser.

Back at Emily's office, Hunter allows Emily to remove his paint-splattered shirt and as she does so, he kisses her.

Upset, she warns him not to do that ever again but then calms down and admits that she will never again have a relationship with a younger man.

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