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Craig suggests a solution to the problem with Parker quitting school. He wants to try an intervention at the hospital.

Jack agrees but doesn't want Craig involved.

Carly tells Parker that she and Jack are going to take him to family therapy.

Parker doesn't want to go and points out that Carly will feel guilty because she's the person who deserted her family.

Having a few drinks of vodka to steel herself, Carly hops into her car but then is pulled over for driving under the influence.

When she fails to show for the therapy session, Jack calls Janet for help finding her.

She and Craig find an empty vodka bottle at the house. Under arrest, Carly calls Craig for help and asks him not to tell Jack.

However, as he leaves the interrogation room, Jack confronts his ex-wife, furious with her.

Catching sight of the woman who looks like Rosanna, Paul gives chase but is frustrated when he loses track of her.

Barbara downplays Meg's concern about Paul but does agree to try to convince him to come home should he call her.

However, when Paul calls and demands that she get him the money he needs, she hesitates and warns that the police are involved now.

He vows to take Eliza and never see her again if she doesn't help.

Frantic, Barbara tells Meg, Lisa and Damian about the call but Lisa senses she's not telling her everything.

Damian assigns Lisa to spy on Barbara for him.

Searching for milk for Eliza at a farm stand, Paul is astounded to run into Rosanna who admires his baby and then explains that after she came out of her coma, she heard he was married to Meg and decided not to come back.

She also leaks that she lost Cabot Motors but enjoys her new life working on a farm cooperative.

After giving him supplies, she asks him not to tell anyone where she is.

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