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Paul panics when he sees Len approaching. Rosanna assures him the cop's a friend of hers and sends him to another part of the farm.

Paul overhears Len inviting Rosanna out to the movies again.

After Len leaves, Paul badmouths Meg to Rosanna who guesses that he kidnaped Eliza. Pushed by Paul, Rosanna convinces the co-op to allow him and Eliza to stay with them for a few days.

She warns him not to ruin the new life she has built for herself.

Hunter confesses that he sent the email to Larry to invite him to the party for Alison. Larry suggests that she give him another chance, starting right now but she refuses and runs out.

Hunter approaches Alison with an apology but Casey orders him to back off and end his obsession with Alison, pointing out how his efforts hurt her and boasting that he loves Alison.

Later, Larry approaches Hunter for help finding his daughter and ends up interrupting things at the Hughes' house.

Casey leaves Alison with him but advises them both he'll be nearby if she needs him.

Explaining why he has stayed away, Larry promises that she will always have a place in his heart and asks him to call her if she ever decides to see him again.

Impressed that he loves her, Alison decides to go upstairs to bed with Casey.

At the office, Hunter reads a note of apology to Emily but she rips it up before he can finish, calling the written effort weird.

Hunter bemoans bringing Alison's father to town and Emily apologizes for being so harsh until she learns what he's done now.

She calms down after Alison reports she had a good talk with Larry. Larry asks Susan to forgive him.

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