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As she tries to pull unconscious Vienna out of the diner, Katie's back hurts. She calls for help and Brad arrives.

Thank goodness he is able to save them both.

Johnny asks if they can have another sleep over, both Craig and Rosanna nervously describe the innocence of the night they shared.

Hearing this, Parker questions Johnny about the sleep over and his claim that no one slept all night. He finds Craig and Rosanna kissing.

Craig convinces Parker not to call his mother for fear of making things worse. Craig then returns to Rosanna and kisses her again.

As a naked Henry and Barbara kiss on her living room floor, Audrey calls and interrupts. Katie then calls about the fire at the diner.

As he dresses, Barbara gives him a hard time but he insists that Vienna comes first. Henry is shocked to see Vienna wearing an oxygen mask as she lies asleep in her hospital bed.

As he considers how the suspicious fire started, flowers arrive from Ralph. He announces to his mother that he's done with this but she points out that he can't because of Ralph's threats.

Katie confronts Henry about his actions and he spills the beans about having sex with Barbara to protect his mother.

Dusty is disgusted to enter Metro and recognize Ralph, enjoying a flaming dessert created by Teri.

As Ralph stares in disbelief, Dusty boasts that he was involved with financing the Lakeshore Redevelopment Project which fell apart.

Ralph claims these things happen all the time but Dusty's unimpressed. He later runs into Teri and argues with her about her uncle.

Henry pleads with Barbara to give him access to the inheritance to save his and Vienna's lives but she refuses.

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