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Henry tries to explain to Katie why he's leaving town. Ralph demands Henry meet him on the roof of the Java.

He explains to Katie that he's got to give him the money he owes or he'll probably get thrown from the roof.

When Audrey pushes Barbara to be with her son now that Vienna has left him, she refuses.

Audrey drugs her drink and offers her the deadly alcohol only to be foiled when her accountant calls.

Henry calls Audrey who hints that she's taking care of the situation with Barbara using James' favorite cocktail.

Henry bursts in just after Barbara has a sip.

He insists she drinks two bottles of water which leads Barbara to realize that Audrey tried to drug her. Barbara has Audrey arrested. Brad announces to Jack and Janet that he and Katie are having a boy.

Spotting a crib at the farm, Liberty has her own news and reveals that she is going to move into the apartment that Parker found for her.

Janet's furious and upset further to realize that Jack already knew about the place. Janet guesses Parker's doing this for a reason but she angrily denies it and runs out.

Brad catches up with her and explains the crib is for his son that Katie is having. He convinces her to go talk with Janet.

When Janet assures her that her baby will have everything, Liberty asks what Jack thinks about raising her baby.

Later, Jack tells Janet he doesn't want to raise the baby. Finding her upset about a dream she had, Craig asks Rosanna if it was about him.

She won't tell and he guesses that she's ashamed of how they feel about each other. Jack interrupts and blasts Craig for giving Parker access to his trust fund.

Craig promises Rosanna he'll take back the trust fund money and tell Carly everything once she comes home.

Katie surprises Ralph on the rooftop and demands that he leave town or she'll tell her sister that he started the diner fire. Instead, two thugs grab her.

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