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Captive Katie tries to slow down her labor. Henry warns Margo that Katie and her baby are in danger.

Katie imagines Brad is with her, encouraging her to go ahead with her labor. She does so and successfully delivers her own baby.

Though she's thrilled to hold her son in her arms, Katie worries that she can't stop the bleeding.

Teri finds Ralph breathing with difficulty in his hotel suite and offers to take him to the hospital.

After overhearing Ralph's two thugs talking in church about what their boss may do to them, Dusty confronts Teri who laughs about his suspicions.

Dusty decides to confront Ralph but they both find he's gone.

Ralph finds Katie. Dusty tells Margo and Henry what he heard.

Jack finally returns Janet's many calls and learns about her latest trouble with her daughter.

When Liberty explains to Parker why she must decide about the abortion today because she's close to developing feelings for the baby she's carrying, he reminds her that she can marry him.

As they chat, a teen runs into her while playing with his friends.

Parker panics to find Liberty is dizzy. He calls Jack to let him know they're in Chicago and in trouble.

Jack and Janet tell Brad they'll hurry to the teens while he waits for word about Katie. In a Chicago hospital Parker quietly tells Jack and Janet that nothing could be done to save the baby.

Jack assures Parker he's proud of him for what he did while Janet comforts her daughter.

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