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Barbara stuns Dusty with news that Brad died from gunshot wounds. She pushes him to go to Margo with what he knows.

As he holds her at gunpoint at Metro, Teri helps bandage Ralph's injured leg. He promises her that once he leaves, she'll never see him again.

While Ralph hides upon hearing a knock at the door, Janet tries to convince Dusty to leave. But when Ralph tries to make his getaway, he and Teri find Dusty waiting.

Dusty offers to help Ralph leave town. Janet can't convince Jack not to go on duty tonight after Brad's death. He insists on finding Ralph and making him pay for what he's done.

Parker helps Liberty tell Emily and Paul about her miscarriage. Emily assures her there is no blame to assign but after the teens leave, she starts crying hysterically.

Barbara arrives with the bag of money she took from Audrey's car and shows the cash to Paul. Paul angrily tells her he doesn't care about the money. Emily finds them arguing and is startled to hear about Brad's death.

Parker stops by the station house and tells Jack about the miscarriage. Pulling him into the interrogation room, Jack stuns him with the news about Brad.

Pressed for the complete story, Jack admits that he accidentally shot Brad who saved Katie's life.

Meanwhile, at the farm, Liberty talks glowingly about Brad's "useless" information, boasting that it's helping her to deal with losing the baby.

Janet stops her and breaks her heart with the news about her father. She blasts her mother for not telling her sooner.

Jack takes the lead in attempting to grab Ralph but collapses with thoughts of shooting his own brother as his men break into Metro.

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