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Alison lashes out at Riley for lying to her and his family. He insists he's got to turn himself in. Tom is assigned as Riley's attorney.

Riley explains what he's doing and that he wants everyone to keep secret what they knew for their own protection. Casey worries to Alison about his parents' marriage. Later, Tom takes Margo in his arms.

Henry assures Vienna that he will give Audrey every single penny he inherits from James so that Audrey will leave them alone.

Barbara insists to Margo that there must have been something that caused James to die. Margo asks the funeral home director about taking James' body back for an autopsy but he reveals that the body was embalmed this morning after Paul placed the order.

Barbara runs to Paul to complain about blowing his chances at inheriting James' estate. Paul insists he doesn't care and tells his mother that Henry can have the money.

Sipping champagne, Paul claims it's taken years to get over his father and now he's going to celebrate. Barbara vows to fight Audrey who has assured James' attorney that she will come through with the money she promised him.

At the funeral home, Henry is disgusted when Audrey introduces herself as the widow Stenbeck. Henry checks out the casket to make sure that James is dead. Paul arrives with Barbara and Emily who all run their own tests to make sure James is dead.

They all stare in disbelief as Audrey suddenly runs to the casket, crying out "Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy" and then gets into a fight with Barbara.

After the lawyer reveals that Henry is the sole heir, henry announces that he'll give his mother money to pay the lawyer and Jay but is keeping the rest, upsetting Audrey and Vienna.

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