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Britten is called to help a hostage situation in the red reality, and ends up inside trying to talk down Gabe, the patient who has taken it over. Gabe ends up injecting Britten with drugs that put him to sleep and force him back into the Green reality.

Britten catches Rex in a lie, and is able to move forward with their relationship because of it. Making a good impression on Rex and his girlfriend, Emma.

Britten wakes up back in the red reality and is able to talk Gabe down.

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Awake Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Look, your mother's not here, and we don't have an interpreter anymore. It's just you and me, and if we want to make this work we're gonna have to put some effort in.


But what you are really afraid of is what it all might point to. You're having a nightmare about madness Detective Britten because somewhere inside you fear that if you continue to deny the reality of your situation this is where all that could end.