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Three couples remain: Kovacs and Elizabeth, Kiptyn and Tenley, and Dave and Natalie.

They ballroom dance to earn roses. Melissa, Jake and Trista serve as the judges.

Kiptyn and Tenley win. They choose who goes to the finals with them.

They select Dave and Natalie. Sorry, Kovacs and Elizabeth.

Now it's up to the rest of the Pad contestants to vote for a winner.

With 15 votes in play, the couples get grilled. Dave and Natalie take it relatively easily.

Then it's a classic prisoner's dilemma. Without the other knowing, they must choose whether to keep the $250,000 for themselves or share it with the other.

If they both choose to share, they share. But if they both opt to keep it, they lose it all. If one keeps and one shares, the keeper keeps. It's hard core.

They both choose to share the money. Congrats, Dave and Natalie!

Bachelor Pad
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