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Cat learns new information about her past on the Beauty and the Beast season finale.

Cat and Vincent leave the city for the day.

The pill continues to work on Vincent long after he has taken it, indicating he may be cured.

Gabe is having second thoughts about killing Vincent.

Cat makes initial plans to move she and Vincent to a town outside of Denver so they can start new lives.

Cat's dad calls her to meet, and he is run down in the street in front of her eyes.

Vincent has a hard time adjusting to a live without changing into the monster.

J.T. discovers Tyler's plan in Gabe's apartment.

Gabe kidnaps Cat to get Vincent to follow.

Cat imagines a younger beastly Gabe locked in a room.

Vincent decides against destroying the cure and bets on his skills as a soldier to to save Cat.

Heather discovers their dad is not Cat's father.

Tyler takes down J.T. and is met by mysterious man (from Muirfield?), who kills her immediately.

Vincent rescues Cat, but is no match for Gabe.

Cat gives Vincent a vaccine.

There is a beast-match.

Gabe is shot, and Vincent is captures.

The Muirfield man doesn't want to shoot Cat, because she's his daughter.



Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

You know, it's getting harder to remember the last time in my life anything felt normal.


If this battle of the animal senses keeps up for another few days, you could be cured.