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On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 9, Cat is still determined to stay away from the Liam case and tries to convince Vincent to give up as well. Vincent doesn't see things the way Cat does and tries to tell her that if they give up on going after Liam, he will continue to go after innocent people. Cat is still not convinced and doesn't see the point in going after him because he's not trying to hurt people she cares about. 

At the police station, Cat is acting like a regular detective and treating the Liam case as a regular fugitive. Tess is not sure they are going about the case the right way because she knows regular people won't be able to stop Liam. Cat reasons with Tess and says if they don't go after things the right way, the chief of police will look at Tess as incompetent. Tess goes along with Cat's plan, but things take a turn for the worse when they realize Liam is going after people who have had the serum in their blood. Unfortunately, Cat is still not convinced Liam is a threat to her and her loved ones until Vincent comes upon a person who was "cured" of the serum, but was still drained by Liam.

Once Cat and Tess figure out Liam is going after every person who has had the serum in their blood, even if they were supposedly cured, they immediately go to JT's place to protect him. At JT's apartment some hit men come in and try to kill JT for his blood, but Vincent comes in at the right time and attacks the men, while Tess and Cat shoot the last man. 

In the end, Cat agrees to go after Liam because he is going after someone she cares about. Meanwhile, JT is depressed over the fact the serum might still be in his blood, but Tess tries to reassure him everything will be OK.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

[talking to a shocked Vincent] Don't make me arrest you honey.


Cat: What are you doing here? Why would you want to steal Julianna's body?
Vincent: I didn't try to steal Julianna's body. I was just trying to track Liam off of it. Anyway, look, it's a good thing I came.
Cat: No it is not a good thing. This is a police case, I told you, one that I am handling.