Lane. Hayden. Enzo. Who will be left standing when HoH concludes and the jury convenes, and who will end up with the money when the votes are cast?

First, Hayden defeats Lane in a bit of Big Brother trivia. Then he gives Enzo the boot, which we all saw coming, and both go on to the finals anyway.

The jury, now including Enzo, interrogates both, but because both played such a strong social game, they have very few enemies with a grudge.

The difference is competitions, and that gives Hayden the win, 4-3.

Rachel, Brendon and Britney voted for Lane. Matt, Enzo, Ragan and Kathy gave the Arizona State student the narrowest of victories. Congrats, Hayden!

And you too Lane, you big Teddy Bear.

Big Brother
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