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The Power of Veto competition is key as Brendon and Rachel - nominated by HoH Matt - sought to beat the odds again. They failed.

Jeff and Jordan from last season made an appearance as hosts of the Veto competition, which involved bowling. Brenchel sucked.

They were the first two eliminated, turning the whole thing into a fun time for the rest of the house, uniformly allied against them.

Britney ended up winning, for the third time in five competitions. Incredible, that girl's got some spunk when it comes to these games.

She did not use it on Brendon or Rachel.

The two became increasingly bitter at the rest of the house, and to an extent at each other. Brendon ultimately told off Britney in hopes of being voted out of the house instead of his lover.

Meanwhile, the Saboteur (Ragan) planted the false rumor that Brendon was tanking competitions to help his own game at the expense of Rachel. This has the unintended, but hilarious result of convincing people that Rachel is the Saboteur.

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