Big Love Season 2

"Oh, Pioneers"

Bill devises his plan to stop his enemies at the UEB by electing a new chair. Adaleen brings her husband Roman to the Henricksons for refuge.

"Take Me As I Am"

Barb reunites with her estranged mother when she finds out she's getting remarried. Ben is considering polygamy and dating two twins from the compound.

"The Happiest Girl"

Bill asks Margene to accompany him to a convention in Nevada. After the welcoming party for Joey's future wife, Kathy doesn't go well, Nicki plans to throw one for them.

"Circle the Wagons"

Bill wants Nicki to try and persuade her sister-wives to vote to keep Webber gaming. Juniper Creek is filled with panic after Roman's conflict with the Greenes.

"Kingdom Come"

An exhausted Bill tries to take one night a week for himself. Bill finds out about Ben and Brynn.

"Good Guys and Bad Guys"

Margene's mother comes to visit and is quite shocked to find out that Margie and Bill are polygamists. Barb picks up Wanda from the mental institution to help out Joey.

"Dating Game"

Bill discovers that an underground polygamist family, the Greenes, have returned to Utah to stop Bill from investing in Weber Gaming. Meanwhile, Bill has been secretly dating Ana, the waitress.

"Vision Thing"

Bill finds himself attracted to a waitress, Ana. Joey meets Kathy, a potential new view. Bill asks his Uncle Eddie for a loan so he can make a bid on a Gaming company.

"Rock and a Hard Place"

Rhonda blackmails Nicki in order to stay at Henricksons to avoid going back to the compound. Bill is impressed by a new business venture he wants to invest in.


Bill and Nicki go to her family reunion at Juniper Creek where they try and sever ties with Roman. Rhoda is forced to vow herself to Roman.

"The Writing on the Wall"

Home Plus signs are being vandalized and Bill and Don go out to investigate. Alby gets the police to look into the poisoning case.

"Damage Control"

After the family is outted as polygamists, Barb goes into retreat, leaving Nicki and Margene with added responsibilities. Meanwhile, Wanda faces an investigation at Juniper Creek after Alby's poisoning.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 2 Quotes

Nicki: I didn't marry for love. I married for the principle.
Barb: I didn't. I tried. I don't know if I have a testimony for the principle. But I love you, I love our family more and more.
Nicki: That frightens me. I don't know that a marriage based on love can go the distance. The secret holiness of the institution. The sanctity of marriage. Without it, it's just random couplings, with no purpose or sticktoitiveness. How will we survive the bad times on just love?

I don't think anybody knows, mom, and not everybody cares

Sarah [about polygamy]