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Bill is bombarded by the press after he spent two days in the prison.  Adaleen is publicly speaking out against Bill.

Barb meets with her new church to talk about her new priesthood authority.  Later she tells Bill of her plans to be Baptized in her reformed church. He is furious and packed his stuff to stay at Nikki’s.

Margene tells Bill that she now knows what she wants in life - to travel and help others.

Cara Lynn tells Nikki that she’s considering moving back to her other family.

Ben meets up with Heather and gives her a certificate of a star he named after her.

Nikki and Margene confront Barb about what is going on with her and Bill.

Bill brings his mom an Easter hat and she’s completely out of it.

Barb calls Sarah and asks her to come down for the big Easter dinner they are having.

Back at work, Don tells Bill it is the end.

Barb shocks her sister wives by buying a brand new convertible. Nikki is not too thrilled. Neither is Bill when they get home. He tells them that they lost Home Plus.

Bill puts an amendment in to the Senate to legalize Polygamy.  This causes a huge uproar.

The next day, when they go to attend Easter Sunday mass, their place is over crowded with other polygamist. Meanwhile, at the Baptism, Barb can’t go through with it and rushes off to be with her family.

Bill has a vision of the original polygamist standing there listening to all he has to say.

Barb tells her sister wives that she did not go through with the Baptism.

Frank and Lois are in bed and he’s reminiscing with her about their life together. The camera shows a needle with a bunch of medication empty.

Bill gets into a confrontation with his neighbor Carl who shoots him down. His wives run out and he asks Barb to give him a blessing before he dies.

It cuts to eleven months later where Sarah is there for the first baptism of their son. Ben and Heather are married. Barb is now a priesthood holder. Margene is leaving to on another mission trip and the three sister wives hug as the credits role.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

I was so unformed when I came into this marriage Bill.


No need to hide behind a lawyer. Not for this.