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Black Sails
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Black Sails Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Hamilton: When my father arrives, I would like to propose to him that we don't hang the pirates; that we pardon them.
Flint: I'm sorry, what was that?
Hamilton: I want to pardon them.
Flint: You want to pardon them?
Hamilton: Yes
Flint: How many?
Hamilton: All of them.
Flint: Alright.
Hamilton: The island needs commerce to survive. It needs labor, it needs men and women vested in its interests. Don't these men fit that description? Couldn't they become part of the solution?

Eleanor: Captain Vane's issued a reply to your ultimatum. It's being read aloud on the beach as we speak. I think you should see it.
Flint: Give us the room.
Hornigold: I have as much right...
Flint: Now please. You must ask yourselves who represents the greater threat to your interests. My men in this fort or the madman on the water.