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Capt. Berringer, who learned of Max's secret meeting with Silver, brings her before a judge and charges her with treason. He'll  only spare Max's life if she helps him crush the resistance. 

At sea, waiting to attack Gov. Rogers's ship, Capt. Jack Rackham tells his lover, Anne Bonny, he longs to be seen by other pirates as the legendary Blackbeard's equal. On land, Capt. Flint and and two other men slaughter three Redcoats from behind, after cornering Long John Silver and Israel Hand.

Blackbeard's attacking and boarding Rogers's ship backfires as Redcoats storm his men from below deck. Rogers captures Blackbeard and Bonny. With his lover's life in peril, Rackham, from aboard Blackbeard's ship, the Revenge, raises the white flag.

As lovers Silver and Madi emotionally reunite, Eleanor tries to save her own former lover, Max, telling Berringer Max gave her information on the pirates' preferred routes into Nassau.

In a flashback, Rogers tells Berringer he once killed a crew of 73 Spanish sailors and let just one live, after the crew killed his brother — and that he'll do the same to Blackbeard's posse, starting with Blackbeard.

But after torturing, killing and beheading Blackbeard — with Rackham waiting on deck — Rogers changes his mind and orders him and the other pirates to be "secured."

After disgustedly watching Berringer publicly hang three pirates, Eleanor secretly tells her handmaiden to get a rival British officer to get a group of trustworthy soldiers, find Max, get supplies and meet them at the fort. 

Silver, on horseback and Flint, on foot, lead the resistance into the town square to take on Berringer and the Redcoats. In the ensuing battle, just as the rebels appear doomed, Billy Bones and his group save them. The battle ends with Hand slitting Berringer's throat.


Black Sails
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Black Sails Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

The Empire survives in part because we believe its survival to be inevitable. It isn’t. And they know that. That’s why they’re so terrified of you and I. If we are able to take Nassau, if we are able to expose the illusion that England is not inevitable. If we are able to incite a revolt that spreads across the New World...then yeah, I imagine people are going to notice.


Berringer: When the dread moment arrives, your true nature will assert itself. The confusion will lift and all will appear as it should be.
Rogers: You’ve given me good men to lead. I’ll do my best by them.
Berringer: There isn’t a good man among them. Not anymore...right now, good men is not what the moment requires. Right now, the time calls for dark men to do dark things. Do not be afraid to lead them to it.