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Nucky makes preparations for St. Patrick’s Day in Atlantic City as well as the annual Celtic Dinner for his fellow Irishmen, but his plans are complicated by both Margaret Schroeder and his brother Eli.

Margaret is awakened by the noise of several barrels of alcohol being unloading across the street. She recognizes Mr. Neary among the men, but says nothing until Nucky begins to ignore her. Despite meeting with Nucky about the beer (along with the leader of the Women’s Temperance League), the barrels of beer continue to arrive. Unable to get another meeting with Nucky, Margaret reports this activity to Agent Van Alden.

In order to campaign for reelection, Eli wants to give a speech at the Celtic Dinner. His politic rhetoric about the English crimes against the Irish incites anger between those Irishmen born in the U.S. and those originally from Ireland. Nucky defuses the situation with some Irish jokes and distributes the alcohol. However, the evening is interrupted by Van Alden who produces an arrest warrant for Mr. Neary. The other diners are ordered to leave and the assembly hall is locked up. Nucky, aware of Margaret’s likely involvement, visits her that night and the two end up sharing a passionate kiss.

In Chicago, Jimmy nurses a laudanum-addicted Pearl. With her face ruined, Pearl will not be making any more money as prostitute, so Torrio orders her out of the brothel. Distraught and high on opium, Pearl shoots herself in the head.

Boardwalk Empire
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