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Chalky helps his daughter figure out her future. Nucky visits New York City for a couple important meetings and stays with Billy while there. Margaret pursues her interest in the hospital's treatment of pregnant women. Eli is released from prison and after being picked up by Mickey Doyle, has an emotional reunion with his family. Gyp Rosetti makes his presence felt in a small New Jersey town and disrupts a delivery of alcohol on its way to Arnold Rothstein from Nucky. 

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Gyp Rosetti:Who would, have a clue?
Gas Station Attendant: The sheriff maybe? He keeps and eye on things.
Gyp: Sheriff. And he's what? On a horse or somethin?
Attendant: No he's got a Chevrolet.

Mickey: I can't drive if we hold hands.
Eli: Let me ask you something Mickey, how the fu-k are you still alive?