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-Nicki Shumaker is found dead outside of a club with her throat slashed and her brain removed through her nasal cavity.

-Megan recognizes the killing method as belonging to Wilson Polley, a man she helped put in prison for killing three women the same way but he's stili incarcerated.

-The evidence begins to point to Daniel Grubstick, an author who wrote about Polley when the same murder weapon is found in his home. He swears it was left in a box on his doorstep the day after Nicki was killed.

-A partial fingerprint leads Bud to find out that Polley's daughter left the weapon for Grubstick, trying to frame him.

-Industrial prison bleach at the scene leads Megan to conclude that Wilson paid off a guard to let him out of prison and kill Nicki, then sneak back in thus making it look as though he was never the real killer.

-Wilson kills the guard and escapes. He finds Meghan alone at the office late at night and attacks her. He tapes her to a chair and says he's going to remove her brain while she's still alive.

-Peter arrives and fights with Wilson. Megan breaks free and shoots Wilson as Peter pushes him over the balcony to his death. But Peter is stabbed during the fight and Megan holds him while he bleeds.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm surprised anybody gets out of college alive.


Here's the thing about apologies, they don't come naturally to me.