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-Megan uncovers a bomb in the body just as Yvonne (with a disguised voice) calls her and says she has Lacey. Megan needs to bring her the bomb and make sure that no one else finds out.


-Tommy realizes Megan's lying to him and follows her. She tells him she has to turn over the bomb or Lacey dies. He and his partner agree to help. 


-Megan is abducted during the drop by Karl Simmons, the veteran and supposed victim. He is Yvonne's partner. Tommy has a tracker and Megan and he and his team follow from a distance.


-Yvonne orders Megan to implant the bomb into Karl. He plans to board and then blow up a plane because so many veterans commit suicide each year and no one talks about it.  Yvonne promises Lacey will get her insulin after the surgery. 


-Megan expects Tommy to arrive but they switched vans and ditched the tracker. Tommy and Adam are at the wrong location. Karl also ditched Lacey's insulin along with the tracker. They plan to let her die. 


-Megan palms a scalpel and attacks Yvonne. She begs Lacey to run but she's too weak. When Tommy gets a tip from the morgue about a previous victim, he and Adam track Megan to an old mill.  Tommy shoots and kills Yvonne before she can shoot Megan.  Then Karl blows himself up outside instead of being arrested. 


-Megan thanks Tommy for his help and introduces him to Lacey in the hospital. 

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

What happened? Did somebody tell you you should cover your ass?


You took the victory lap on this, gave your press conference. If this case blows up you're the one who's going to get hurt.