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On the season four premiere...

- We learn that Jesse did, indeed, kill Gale. He is then found in his car, distraught, by Gus' associate, who brings him down to the lab and holds him at gunpoint alongside Walt.

- When Gus arrives, Walt tries to plead their case. He says there's no way Gus' business can survive without him and Jesse, but Gus doesn't say a word. Instead, he slits the throat of his associate (who was trying to cook), walks out and simply tells Jesse and Walt: get back to work. These two clean up the mess, follow that order and end up at Denny's, where Walt wonders what their next move should be and Jesse seems resigned to their disturbing lot in life.

Elsewhere: Hank is at home, in bed, trying to recover, but in the sort of horrific mood you'd expect from him, considering he basically can't walk.

Also, we're taken to the crime scene around Gale's home and see his binder of Lab Notes on the table.

Breaking Bad
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