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Tommy is back with a big surprise.

Tommy introduces Nora to a beautiful woman named Rose. They met at a fish market in Seattle. They’ve been dating for six months and three days.

The Walkers don’t know anything about Rose, but she knows a lot about them. She’s into researching family trees.

Rose is a real estate broker, so Sarah is suspicious when Tommy asks her for money to fund a house-flipping venture.

Dr. Rick, the cardiology resident who helped Justin dodge a medical review, is also the guy who used to date his new girlfriend, Annie.

Justin thinks the dumped doctor wants a second chance.

On the hospital team softball diamond, Dr. Rick is shagging fly balls with one hand and wrapping his arm around Annie’s shoulder with the other. He and Justin get into it during a melee at home plate.

As the family gathers for dinner at Nora’s, Luc announces that he and Sarah have set a wedding date.

Justin is upset with Annie because she didn’t back him up on the baseball field and Sarah is ticked at Tommy for trying to pitch a business deal.

There’s lots of yelling until Tommy tells the family the real reason he’s in town. He and Rose are engaged.

Sarah eventually makes nice with Tommy. She even offers him a job at the station. She also asks if he’d be willing to walk her down the aisle.

Things aren’t going as well for Justin and Annie. He doesn’t believe she’s over Dr. Rick.

Nora gets a little flustered when Rose asks her about a picture with her old high school flame, Brody.

The uneasiness in room disappears when Tommy announces that he’s accepted Sarah’s job offer. He and Rose are moving back to Pasadena.

As for Nora’s Brody situation, Saul tells her the guy still lives in the area. He thinks Nora should give him a call.

Olivia gets set up in her new bedroom during her first weekend with Kevin and Scotty.

She even gets a housewarming gift of a cell phone from Nora.

Scotty wonders why Olivia won’t help him get the items on a shopping list while Kevin wonders why his new daughter won’t return his texts.

When the guys get Olivia a nametag for her brand new gecko, they quickly realize that Olivia doesn’t know how to read.

Lots of kids in her situation fall through the cracks, but Kevin assures Nora that he and Scotty will get her all the help she needs.

Rose sees Nora's marriage certificate has a June date. Tommy says they always celebrated his mom and dad’s anniversary in January. Hmm ...

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