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The episode opened with Michael, Sam and Jesse figuring out that Tavian was getting his money thought a man named Stigler. Meanwhile Pearce has a new extraction job for Michael, leaving Sam and Michael to get to Stigler and convince him to give up Tavian.

Pearce told Michael that she could not go on the extraction and suggested he take Fiona. Fiona begrudgingly agrees to go after Michael convinces her it would be more fun than work. Michael and Fiona get to the hotel and quickly figure out who Kevin and Nicki are that they need to extract. Only problem is that they have two Russian bodyguards.

Sam and Michael got Stigler to give up the information on Tavian and set a trap for Tavian. However, Tavian got tipped off and turned the tables on them and kidnapped Sam. He told Sam that he wanted to meet Michael the next day.

Michael and Fiona started out trying to lure Kevin and Nicki to a helicopter ride as a couple when they said they couldn’t go and it was clear things were bad, Michael revealed he knew who Kevin was and that he was there to make him a better offer. After a short firefight when Nicki’s guard figured out something was up they got Nicki and Kevin to the Helicopter

Back in Miami Sam and Jesse were waiting for Michael to show up, while he went into his loft and found Agent Pearce sitting at a laptop. She wanted him to watch some footage she got from the timeframe when Max was killed. It turned out to be a shot of his Charger reflected in a window. When Michael turned around she had a gun pointed at him and put him in binder-cuffs

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

So Michael and Fi get to sit back and drink Mojitos and we get to set a trap for an international killer. Sweet!


Sam: Hey, want a beer?
Jesse: Neah, I prefer to be sober when risking my life.