Cathcart Briefs the Bombers - Catch-22
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The bomber crew enjoy a nice game of basketball when high command come looking for Major Major, due to his name. To avoid confusion and embarrassment, he is promoted on the spot, and taken off. His first order of business as Major is to cancel any and all appointments.

Cathcart lays into the bombers over the lack of destruction at a certain target before being corrected that it's Vatican City. He quickly adds more missions. Yossarian hurries to his friend Major Major for help, hoping to be relieved of duty. Major promises to look through the leadership manual for help, but quickly tosses it aside.

Yossarian retreats to the hospital, convincing a nurse to let him stay for a few days. It goes well for a while, until one patient endlessly chatters and nearly drives Yossarian mad. He snaps and attacks the man, leading to his expulsion from the hospital tent and back onto missions.

Major de Coverley requisitions a building for the men to stay and relax in. When they return, Milo informs them of yet another upgrade in mission count. Yossarian voices his proest to Clevinger, who does not want to hear any of it.

During their next mission, Yossarian successfully bombs the target, but when he looks for Clevinger's plane, which had been alongside his, it is no longer there. He panics when they land, hailing on the radio, but there is no reponse.

Cathcart warns of the next mission's fatality potential at the next briefing, leading Yossarin to run.

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Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Clevinger: You talk like a madman.
Marcello: But I live like a sane one.

We don't just hand out promotions, willy-nilly!