On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 5, Stone clashes with the military code of ethics when a murder case is dependent on video of a Navy coverup.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 5 is about an ex-Navy SEAL whose murder is anything but ordinary.

When Trevor, a former Navy SEAL, is found stabbed to death in an apparent home invasion/robbery, Chicago Justice investigates. At first it looks like a run-of-the-mill murder, but then new evidence is found: Trevor had a classified Navy video of a mission he was on that he was about to go public with.

Trevor's two friends are arrested for the murder after a chase through the Chicago underground system, but the Department of Justice -- and later Jeffries -- want the video excluded because it will hurt the Navy's reputation. Stone doesn't understand why it's appropriate to cover up the video but Jeffries will fire him if he uses it.

Stone finds himself on the opposite side of his boss, but finds a way around the order he's been given. In the meantime, Jeffries questions whether one murer case is really worth harming the Navy's reputation.

During trial, Stone manages to do an end-run around Jeffries' order, with some help from an excitable witness and a defense attorney who is too invested in the idea that patriotism means giving the defendants the benefit of the doubt no matter what.

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On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 5, the U.S. Department of Justice steps in when an ex-Navy SEAL is murdered before exposing the truth about a mission.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Father: We braced ourselves for this day when Trevor was deployed overseas, but we never thought -
Stone: How long was he in the Navy?
Father: 18 months.

Trevor's Dad: It was 68. Right in the mile of thing. Lemme tell you a story.
Trevor: Not the viper's nest.
Trevor's Dad: It was raining, could hardly see a thing. I put my foot down and wouldn't you know it, it was right in the middle of a viper's nest. So I pull out my K-20 and I cut the head off of the viper that was wrapped around my leg. And not only that, that viper holds up my pants to this day.