The Aunties - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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The demon turns out to be a sleep demon who wants revenge for Edward trapping her in there for years. It seems like they trap her and all is good but it is revealed that the demon put them to sleep. 
Each person in the household has a personally catered nightmare. 
Sabrina has a dream that Harvey proposes and she tells him that she is a witch. Everything is going well until his family arrives at the wedding and Harvey helps them trap Sabrina. She gets stuck in a torture device type closet until Madam Satan arrives in her dream to get her to wake up and take action.
Ambrose has a dream that his own body is brought into the mortuary and he has to perform the autopsy on himself. Then Father Blackwood arrives and it seems like Ambrose is finally free and can travel but he gets killed and is now the body that the other Ambrose cuts open for the autopsy while he is stuck.
Hilda dreams of Principal Hawthrone asking her out but then Zelda ruins her spirit and Hilda seeks revenge. It ends with Zelda being unable to speak from the way that Hilda hit her and Principal Hawthorne shows Hilda his stillborn brother attached to his stomach because he ate him as a fetus in the womb.
Zelda dreams of Father Blackwood coming over to wine and dine Hilda. This becomes Zelda murdering Hilda as revenge but that turning on her when she doesn't come back to life again. Zelda then just cries on the kitchen floor out of pain for her sister that she mistreated.
She visits everyone else's dreams and gets Hilda to help her plan something and Ambrose to help her distract the demon. She ends up catching her and the family rightfully keeps her in a jar this time.
That night Sabrina and Harvey talk on the phone and it is obvious that Sabrina is weighing the fact that he doesn't know her secret and how different that must make them.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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