On Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 Episode 1, Todd doesn't embrace the fact that his 16-year old daughter wants to date a 19-year old. Making matters worse, it's a 19-year old named Spencer Lloyd.

Yup, the same Spencer Lloyd who was once a contestant on American Idol.

You can imagine how Todd reacted to this scenario, right? He's a bit protective of his children, as any father would be, of course.

Elsewhere, Todd’s wife Julie going back to work, forcing the reluctant billionaire to morph into some kind of Mr. Mom, as he struggled with making dinner and also with many household chores.

If this sounds like the plot to a sitcom, it's because Chrisley Knows Best is basically a sitcom.

But kudos to USA Network for just admitting this and not even trying to have the series come across as anything remotely unscripted. It helps make every half our extra entertaining.

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