Timothy Dalton on Chuck
Watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 7
"Chuck Versus the First Fight"
Original Air Date:

Timothy Dalton guest stars on this installment of Chuck. The episode centers around Chuck and his rogue mission, as he sets out to avoid Sarah following the couple's fight.

Robert Englund on Chuck
Watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 6
"Chuck Versus The Aisle of Terror"
Original Air Date:

The mission this week? Prevent Dr. Stanley Wheelright from releasing a toxin that causes nightmares. This task continues to make Chuck question which side his mon is on, while, elsewhere, Jeff and Lester make Halloween plans for Buy More.

Trio Apprehended
Watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 5
"Chuck Versus the Couch Lock"
Original Air Date:

Casey's former team comes back looking for him this week, as Chuck must choose what he's willing to sacrifice in order to find his mother. Meanwhile, Morgan considers whether to reveal a dangerous secret to Casey.

Main Chuck Stars
Watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 4
"Chuck Versus the Coup D'Etat"
Original Air Date:

A trio of Casey's old friends have gone rogue. They play a major role on this edition of our favorite NBC show.

Stone Cold!
Watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 3
"Chuck Versus the Cubic Z"
Original Air Date:

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Nicole Richie both appear on this episode of Chuck. Read on for a detailed review.

Chuck Versus the Suitcase Scene
Watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 2
"Chuck Versus the Suitcase"
Original Air Date:

It's undercover time for Chuck and Sarah on this episode. They head to Milan in order to find a secret weapon.

Olivia Munn on Chuck
Watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 1
"Chuck vs. the Anniversary"
Original Air Date:

Olivia Munn appears on the season four premiere of Chuck. She guest stars as Greta, as we catch fans up here on what the latest Buy More happenings.

Chuck and Ellie Picture
Watch Chuck Season 3 Episode 19
"Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II"
Original Air Date:

It's up to Morgan and Devon to save a captured Team Bartowski from Shaw in the second part of the Chuck season three finale.

Chuck and Sarah Photo
Watch Chuck Season 3 Episode 18
"Chuck Versus the Subway"
Original Air Date:

Shaw is back and convinces the CIA that Chuck and the Intersect are a danger.

Stephen is Back!
Watch Chuck Season 3 Episode 17
"Chuck Versus the Living Dead"
Original Air Date:

Chuck and Sarah go on a mission to see if Shaw is still alive; Ellie manages to get Stephen Bartowski to return!

Chuck Quotes

Casey: When you first met him, did you ever think he'd be able to burn an asset?
Sarah: No.
Casey: He's turning into a spy, that's a good thing.
Sarah: Is it?

Jeff: You got any idea what Ellie and Awesome thought about Jeffster? I mean, we didn't fully play out, but if you could put in a good word...?
Chuck: Jeff, I don't understand anything that just came out of your mouth, but the truth is, I don't care. I know that you think my concerns are no bigger than the weekend weather or whatever's new in the snack machine, but I have the weight of the damn world on my shoulders. So, if you don't mind, figure out your own crap.

Chuck Music

  Song Artist
Wait it out Wait It Out Imogen Heap iTunes
Black and gold Black and Gold Sam Sparro iTunes
Just dropped in to see what condition my condition is in Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In) Kenny Rogers iTunes