Wes & Travis Investigate a Home Invasion Ring
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Travis and Wes are assigned homework to learn one new thing about each other each day and find that the task is a lot harder than they cared to anticipate.

Meanwhile, a gang of robbers known to the police as “The Baby Faces” pull of major heists that attract the attention of the FBI. When they recruit Wes and Travis to assist on the case, Travis gets help from one of his foster brothers when it becomes clear that the individuals involved are veterans with whom his foster brother works closely.

Things get significantly more complicated for Wes and Travis when a female federal investigators demonstrates interest in them both.


Common Law
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Common Law Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Travis: I would have pulled that trigger.
Wes: I was there so you didn't have too.

Wes: Are we idiots?
Travis: Nah.