When a young gunshot victim goes missing, John finds he's in deeper with the gangs than he realized. Watch Complications Season 1 Episode 2 Online at TV Fanatic.

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After gang members break into his home to find out how Antoine is doing, Gretchen convinces John not to tell the police anything about the identity of the intruders in order to protect his family. Later, Gretchen and John must try to cover their tracks when questions arise about the domestic abuse victim in isolation. Gretchen tries to get the woman to lie about her symptoms but the woman attempts to blackmail her. When Gretchen refuses to give her the money she asks for, the woman backs up Gretchen's story anyway. In return, Gretchen offers to get the victim's things from her abusive boyfriend's apartment.
John goes to Ansley Surgical center to check on Antoine who is there as a John Doe but finds he’s not in his room. He’s not anywhere. John uses the phone to ask if someone from the gang took him. They haven’t. With the help of a nurse, John realizes that Antoine was scared and snuck off. They find him bleeding in the basement but save his life. He becomes registered under a new name. Later, John gets a phone call from a distraught Gretchen who has run into a serious complication.

Watch Complications Season 1 Episode 2 Online at TV Fanatic.

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On Complications Season 1 Episode 2, Dr. Ellison enlists the help of Nurse Gretchen Polk to attempt to save the life of a boy in the midst of a gang war.

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If you want your family safe, you keep your mouth shut.


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