Health Crisis - Council of Dads
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A family of six cheers on their youngest member to get over his fear and jump in the lake. The dad, Scott, picks up the kid, JJ, and they jump in together.

Right afterwards Scott gets a call from his wife's friend and doctor, Oliver, informing him he as an agressive form of cancer in his leg. 

There's a flash forward to the season fall. Oliver removed Scott's tumor.

Luly, Scott's eldest, meets a man named Evan at a cancer support group.

Scott starts walking again on his new prosthetic leg. Scott's best friend Anthony comes to visit. 

Scott's wife, Robin, finds out she's pregnant. 

Flash forward to winter. Evan and Luly start dating.

Scott encourages Luly to return to her big New York City dreams when he gets better. She had previously stepped in to help run his restaurant when he was diagnosed.

Scott's AA sponsee, Larry, helps out the family when he gets a chance.

Scott tells Robin that he wants to start a "Council of Dads" to provide guidance to his children in case his cancer comes back.

Flash forward to Spring. Evan tells Luly he's falling in love with her. She tells him they were supposed to be temporary because she's leaving for New York.

Larry tries to teach Scott's son Theo to drive. 

Robin has a baby girl named Hope. 

Scott's cancer returns.

Flash forward to summer. 

Scott dies. 

He sends letters to Anthony, Oliver, and Larry asking them to be on the Council of Dads. He thanks them for all they've done this past year and asks them to be there for his kids for the next year.

Anthony defends JJ to his transphobic grandmother. 

Flash forward to three months later, Luly and Evan are married.

Council of Dads
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Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

How do you tell the story of a family? Through everyday moments, and life-changing ones and the people who love you when things fall apart.


School starts tomorrow. Then after that, I'm going to be busy. Then I'm going to be eight. And after that, I'm gonna be old and after that, I'm gonna be dead! It has to be today.