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Annie is sent on a simple mission in Argentina, but it turns serious when an assassin comes after the Italian journalist she was sent there for.  He is a bit difficult to keep at her side, but they end up taking out the assassin and escaping Argentina safely.

Back at home Auggie is offered a position in the OCA by Arthur.  It would be a title and pay increase, and Auggie would be one of three public faces of the CIA.  It's a big decision, because he would no longer be in covert affairs, so he calls Annie to get her opinion in the final minutes of the episode.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Annie: I'm American.
Carlo: But before that?
Annie: Before that, I was American.

You'd be one of the three public faces of the CIA...the DCI, me, and you.