CSI Season 15

"The End Game"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 18, the team has a final showdown with the Gig Harbor killer whose motives are finally revealed and Nick Stokes considers his future with the team.

"Under My Skin"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 17, the CSI team must investigate to figure out who has kidnapped two teenaged girls and where they've been taken.

"The Last Ride"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 16, an odd case challenges the CSI team when a murder involves a vintage Rolls Royce and a victim covered in chrome.

"Hero to Zero"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 15, the team investigates when they come across a young murder victim who turned up dressed like a superhero costume.

"Merchants of Menace"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 14, the team is on the case when a murder is committed at a convention for people who collect macabre murder memorabilia.

"The Greater Good"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 13, the team finds out that the main suspect in a string of kidnappings is being released due to lack of evidence.

"Dead Woods"

On CSI Season 15, Episode 12, the team reopens a 10-year-old case of murder/suicide when the only survivor insists that her father was innocent.

"Angle of Attack"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 11, the team dives into the world of aeronautics when they have to investigate a complicated hit and run accident.

"Dead Rails"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 10, the team investigates the strange happenstance of a man who died not once but twice.

"Let's Make a Deal"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 9, when an inmate on the run finds a body at the Clark County jail, the CSI investigators are called in to the scene.

"Road to Recovery"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 8, a woman is found dead in a swimming pool at a rehab facility with drugs and alcohol in her system.

"Rubbery Homicide"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 7, an investigation delves into the world of "rubber dolls" after a victim is stabbed in an alley.

"The Twin Paradox"

On CSI Season 15 Episode 6, another victim turns up who may be linked to the Gig Harbor Killer.

"Girls Gone Wilder"

On CSI season 15 episode 5, a forensics conference attended by Finlay, Morgan, and Sara is disrupted by a mass shooting.

"The Book of Shadows"

On CSI, the team investigates when a science teacher's experiment takes a horrible turn.

"Bad Blood"

Greg and Sara are forced into quarantined when the respond to a crime scene that is contaminated by a deadly pathogen on CSI.

"Buzz Kill"

The team investigates when there is a robbery and shooting at a marijuana shop on CSI.

"The CSI Effect"

Russell gets a call from someone claiming to be the Gig Harbor Killer and Finlay finds a bomb in her car on the season 15 premiere of CSI.

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