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Larry and Jeff are in the championship softball game and are one out away from winning when a Mister Softee truck pulls up near the park.  Larry loses his concentration and lets the ball roll through his legs a la Bill Buckner, and loses the game.

We find out Larry was traumatized as a kid when he played strip poker with a girl in a Mister Softee truck, and ended up having to walk outside in front of everyone completely naked.

Susie tells Larry to get Jeff a signed Mookie Wilson baseball for his birthday.  When he goes to get it, he meets Bill Buckner and they bond over similar experiences.  They end up outside a burning building and a lady throws her baby out the window.  Buckner ends up making a diving catch to save the baby and is revered by everyone.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

I get a f*ckin' tingle in my johnson when a motha f*cka tell me he's about to get some ass.


You f*cking Bucknered it! Why is Buckner on my team?!?