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Leonardo and Riario must pass a series of tests before entering The Vault of Heaven and their fates are entwined. Lorenzo's fate is in the hands of a mad King and his blood lust. Lucrezia nears Constantinople and meets The Turk along the way.

Da Vinci's Demons
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Da Vinci's Demons Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Ima: You are dying, Leonardo. Your part of the test, my dreamer, will not take place in this world of the living.
Leonardo: But I'm not dead, am I?
Ima: You will be at sunrise. Your lifeforce is already untethered but that is what makes you able to walk between worlds.

Leonardo: I know the hand of this painter.
The Abyssinian: Painted sometime around 1502 it is said. La Gioconda, the Mona Lisa.