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We're inching closer and closer to the second season finale of Damages. And this episode raised as many questions as ever as we make our way there...

What's the deal with Patty's son? Never a main plot point, Patty's son finally introduced his new girlfriend to his parents: she's the 40-year old owners of an art gallery. Patty actually acts cool about it - at least to Michael's face - but the boy is definitely up to something. He acts nonchalant no matter what his mother says, blowing off questions about his new love, as well as questions about college acceptance letters.

Will Claire Maddox end up assisting Hewes? Patty and Claire are enemies, we know. But Purcell finally admitted what he did to his lover, Maddox. He said he doctored the UNR results for their toxin, and claimed he did it because Kendrick promised to clean up the chemical. He has not followed through, of course. Armed with this information, Claire tried to get the truth from Kendrick. Instead, he exploded at her and told her to mind her own business.

Claire is now convinced that Kendrick and UNR are up to something shady. Looks as though she wants to get to the bottom of it. (We also met Claire's father in this episode, who appears to be an alcoholic without a close relationship to his daughter. Wonder if this has a point or if it was just meant to humanize the lawyer a bit.)

Is Ellen a moron?!? For some reason, Ellen opened up to Wes about her life undercover at Hewes and Associates. It might actually pay off because Wes told his shady, bearded boss that they needn't worry about Hewes implicating them or Frobisher in her fiance's death - since she's focused on Patty, nor Frobisher - but it was still a dumb move on Ellen's part. It also didn't change shady bearded dude's mind: he wants Wes to kill her just to be safe. If Wes refuses, bearded guy says he'll report what he knows about Wes and get him put in jail for life.

What has Agent Werner gotten involved in? Remember all those phone calls from FBI Agent Werner's estranged wife? Turns out, they were from some man. When Werner's partner picked up the phone once - because Werner wasn't around and the caller ID read "Pam" and Werner's pal wanted to tell her off - he found out the truth. Werner claimed it was someone that simply was paying him for extra information on the Hewes' case. Weird. Shady. Probably a lie.

Later in the episode, after Werner leaves on a date (supposedly), his friend is killed. The murderers make it seem like an overdose on drugs. Werner comes home and meets the man responsible for it on the roof: it's Kendrick's shady, mysterious friend Dave.

This then leads to the episode's conclusion: we fast forward six weeks later, to the infamous scene in Patty's apartment. Werner appears to be watching it on video, from a van, somehow. Ellen says her line about having "lied, too," fires the fun at a distraught Patty and we see Werner sprint ouf or the van. We then see Patty stumble out of Ellen's apartment, covered in blood, and pass out in the elevator.

Was she actually shot? It appears so. But might this somehow be a set-up between Ellen and Patty, in order to trap Werner? That's our guess at the moment.

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