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Joe Tobin met Stuart Zedeck this week. An old friend of Joe's father, he said had access to the money, but Joe needed to see proof. By the end of the episode, he got it:

Zedeck left Joe a suitcase full of cash in his hotel. Where did it come from?

The Carribean, Patty thinks, as she spoke to a former money launderer in prison, someone she helped put away, and he described how the Carribean can be used to hide tons of money. Patty actually used Alex to help get information out of this man, asking her to sneak him caviar into prison to get him to talk. She did so and she was hired by the law firm as a result. Interesting. Still hard to see where this storyline is going.

But Tom was actually the focus of the episode. In the flash forwards, we learn that he had been dead for three hours when the detectives found him. We also learn Patty's car was hit five hours ago, so Tom could have been the one driving. When the police search his car, they find a bag of money in the trunk.

We also see a future scene in which Ellen and Tom are in the latter's apartment. They appear to be conspiring on something that Patty doesn't know about.

Back in the present day, Tom is facing mounting financial problems. His mother-in-law has cancer, his wife is angry at him. Tom confronts his financial advisor and gets into a fight with him and then makes a decision: I'm getting my money back, he says at the conclusion of the episode.

He also makes a discovery: Danielle's daughter works as a flight attendant for a private airline and could have been used to smuggle the money back and forth from the Carribean.

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