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On this great episode of Damages...

- Michael meets his mother for lunch and lies about breaking up with his older girlfriend. He also says he has a job. We later see that he's an unemployed artist and is still living with Jill, who is pregnant.

- Patty interviews Louis Tobin about Danielle. He claims she doesn't know anything about the cash Louis has stashed away.

- Afraid Joe is drinking again, Louis and Lenny hired some sort of spying agency to keep an eye on him. One of the guys follows Joe through the streets of NYC and sees him with a bottle in his hand. It looks like he's about to pull out a gun and actually shoot Joe, but the latter then pours the alcohol out and Lenny tells the shady guy on the phone to wait and see what happens next.

- This is what happens next: Joe finally relents and goes to see his father. It's the night before Louis is to be sentenced. We see him drink tea that he poisoned himself, place a manilla envelope with the words "Deliver to Patty Hewes" on it on the table in front of him and... die. Joe finds his father's dead body and looks inside the envelope. Viewers never see what the documents say.

- Ellen confronts her sister about her drug use, but she denies it and leaves angrily.

- In the Five Months Later flash forwards: the detective tells Patty about Tom's death. She's visibly distraught, a total mess. She promises to help the detectives in any way she can. The last scene of the episode? We're still in the future and Patty arrives home, screaming on the phone: I told you to stop. I told you not to go that far!!!

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